Your Little Angle Friend

Verse 1

She where痴 a cross around her neck
She has three boy friends at a time
She thinks she knows just what she wants
But is she really that happy
With all that grump attitude

She walks around wearing black
She loves hard rock and metal music
She has gotten totally out of control
But is this really what she wants
She has no view of the future

But what痴 in stool for her is that,
Something small will come along
To take that frown from off her face
and make her glean with joyful grace
I知 afraid she got not choice
She値l have to listen to that voice


I値l be your little angle friend and I値l then take you round the bend
I値l will put you on demand, just go on take my hand
I知 just your little angle friend and I値l make you want to pop
I値l rock on all the way and till you致e got nothing left to say

I致e got all my traits, so will have lots of debates
I値l help u with a mend, and I値l be there to defend
Theres never anything to fear, for I am always near
I値l always be your friend, and I値l never let it end

Verse 2

This is how the story goes
I first cool her down with a hose
She throws a tantrum, the anger showed
She needs more fun to lighten her load
Learn to live without the fid

Next thing I do is take her out,
To talk with out the shout
and laugh with out the doubt,
Next thing that we do know
Is now we池e no longer now that low
Why were we that slow
To express the love that we should have shown.

Chorus X1

Verse 3

But I致e got to say, that we got along way to go
But I got to say, it will be better in a day so
We弾r init together and I知 never gona. let you forget it, share it
We値l make it together what ever the weather, 層hat ever
There never have anything to fear, for I am always near ohh my gosh
I値l always be your friend, and I値l never let it end 層hy me

Chorus X2

I値l be your little friend!